Департамент культуры города Москвы
Учреждение, подведомственное Департаменту культуры города Москвы
Русская версия Версия для слабовидящих

29.09.2011 / Cats theatre Repair in theater of cats
28.09.2011 / DK Zelenograd The theatre of cats will act in a recreation centre Zelenograd  
27.03.2011 / Cats theatre The collective of the Moscow theater of cats of Kuklacheva congratulates the colleagues on the International day of theater!

Our collective wishes you new interesting statements, performances with notices, not so strict critics and grateful spectators!

15.02.2011 / Theater of cats of Kuklacheva Enchanting show again at theater of cats Dmitry Kuklachev and theater of a plastic comedy "Mimirichi" again invite to the unique performance "Clowns and cats"

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